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SeeStorm Demo

As a principal demo of SeeStorm for VoIP product, please try our end-user application for real-time communication via 3D talking characters: SeeStorm for Skype. It is realized as a plug-in for Skype, and it is free to download and use. You will need two PCs with both Skype and SeeStorm for Skype installed.

The following SeeStorm demo applications show the core functionality of SeeStorm solutions.

You can go through all the options step-by-step, starting from PhotoMix, or jump in at any step to see the feature that interests you most. With SeeStorm technologies, all the processes are performed fully automatically:


Demo video (10 MB)


SeeStorm PhotoMix

Make your personal collage at 1 click, by mixing your photo with other images.
You will be able to use the resulting mixed image further in creation of a 3D talking character of your own.


SeeStorm 3D character creation

Create your personal 3D talking character from your photo or mixed picture, or from one of the photos from SeeStorm collection.


SeeStorm 3D avatar animation and playback

Look how SeeStormís speech-to-motion technology animates 3D characters by your voice. Just record a voice message and then enjoy 3D avatar speaking it. You can also change your voice and apply emotions to your avatar.

You will be prompted to download SeeStorm Avatar Player (255 kb). Avatar Player enables viewing SeeStorm 3D animated characters in the original 3D format